About Ubekeen

Founder Story

I am a little girl who is into sweet and adorable style things. In university study I majored in art and design. And I am obsessed with aesthetic. I love shopping and photography.

Unfortunately, I can never find a satisfying store which can be a combination of aesthetics and products that I love.

So I decided to carry out my idea and opened an aesthetic store with lovely and adorable style, which sold women's shoes, school supplies, plush toys, clothing and accessories and gifts, as well as some handmade things. These girly and unique style products quickly became popular.

During this process, I made many friends and attracted many fans. I founded Ubekeen online store - You must be keen on it. So this is the origin of ubekeen.
I know there are plenty of girls all over the world who are just like me and will be frustrated at some point failing to find their favorite Melody Bag, a pair of Mary Janes or a toast pen in the same store. But now everything is starting to get easier.

I hope my team and I can assist you to find your favorite style products. It will be our huge honor to spread aesthetic works together. The journey to making better things in a better way is a long one, and we’re just getting started.

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