10 Cute Soft Girl Asthetic Outfits to Try in 2022

Are you a soft girl? Check out these outfits! There's are so many outfit ... See more ideas about aesthetic clothes, cute outfits, girl outfits.

What is a Soft Girl Aesthetic?

This trend is more than just a stylistic choice – it’s a lifestyle and reclamation of a hyper-feminine style. The super cute subculture began forming nostalgic elements of the Y2K and 90s styles, including tennis skirts, hair clips, and shoulder bags. Pastel colors, fluttering butterflies, and warm fluffy clouds – this trend is one of the biggest on TikTok, and it’s here to stay. It takes its inspiration from the early 2000s and traditionally feminine ensembles, like lip gloss, tennis skirts, and cutesy crop tops. With love for pastels, flowers, and butterflies, this trend highlights some of the cutest parts of the nostalgic era and puts a modern twist on it.

If you want to update your aesthetic or want to find out how to dress in this style, keep reading. We’ve collected the cutest soft girl outfits you are going to love!