10 Coquette Aesthetic Outfit Ideas - Coquette Fashion Aesthetic 2022

What does Coquette mean?
The literal definition of coquette is “a flirtatious woman”. The aesthetic is described as embodying all things that are idyllic, feminine and dainty. Coquette style is all about embracing femininity and romanticizing vintage summer styles. Think hyper-femininity, daintiness, and nostalgia.
Outfits within the coquette aesthetic include pieces that have the '50s and '60s vintage flare, Mary Jane shoes paired with frilly or knee-high socks as well as outfits with patterns that have gingham, lace, or frills. You can also expect to see an endless array of pearls and gold accessories, as well as everything heart-shaped and frills galore. Taking inspiration from other styles, like ballet clothes and royalcore, the coquette aesthetic is all about indulging in the very simple pleasures of both our beauty and wardrobes.

What sets coquette apart from similar aesthetics, such as “lolita” and “nymphet,” is that these styles, which have had negative connotations in the past, are currently going through a Gen-Z cleanse. Today’s interpretation is keen on clarifying and reinventing the aesthetic by embracing one’s femininity instead of hyper-focusing on and sexualizing innocence. Ultimately, coquette is not just a trend but it’s become a lifestyle for many; it almost feels like you’re sending love letters to yourself on a daily basis.
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